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Up and Away Treehouses LLC is a small company specializing in the design and construction of custom treehouses and residential playgrounds. We guarantee our designs to be environmentally conscious, safe, unique, well built and long-lasting. We are currently located in Louisville, KY and will certainly travel for projects.

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My name is Roger Knight and as the founder of Up and Away Treehouses, I act as the lead designer, builder, consultant and "imagineer". As far back as I can remember, I have had a strong interest in treehouses. My childhood memories are dominated by climbing and playing in trees and watching my father build the rickety treehouse that I loved so much.


But by highschool I was trying my hand at it. With the construction knowledge I had gained from working on a professional framing crew, I led my friends in the building of five treehouses in one summer. Complete with multiple platforms, entrances, roofs, rope bridges, zip-lines and swing, these structures gained local attention and a little news coverage.


My treehouse ambitions were put on hold as I studied math and engineering at the University of Evansville, IN and then served a year of national service through AmeriCorps working in Baltimore rehabbing rowhouses for Habitat for Humanity. After that, I was still feeling the call of treehouses so I decided to pursue my passion as an adult. The ability and opportunity to build treehouses professionally has been such a gift me and my clients alike. Everyone, old and young, deserves a place to lie awake in the clouds, dreaming.


I hope you will give me a chance to construct such a haven for you and/or your children. As I make your dreams a reality, my dreams come true as well.

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